Damaged Heart

Damaged Heart - S.C. Wynne A Hearts On Fire Review

3.25 Hearts--Told in first POV, "Damaged Heart" is a novella about damaged man, Cory, who had psychologically abusive parents. It was the lead factor into why he has a chip on his shoulder the size of Earth, Mars and Jupiter combined (with room to spare) now as a criminal lawyer. Cory is like a robot, not feeling, just ice and circuitry. Cory goes back to him hometown of Bayville due to his hoarder mother's passing and selling of his childhood home. There he meets Rhys, the sexy, lovable contractor and the two begin a weird hooking up/ relationship thing that works for Cory.

This story is good...enough. But I couldn't pinpoint all its faults on why it was barely above okay for me. I stared at quotes & my notes and couldn't figure out why it wasn't better.

The writing is decent. The characters were...okay, Cory more fleshed out than Rhys. The plot? Hmm...it could've been tightened up here and there. An example, the realtor back and forth that came to a head around Thanksgiving. For someone who came across as a decisive person, Cory sure did drag out the inevitable.

And I think one of the main things that stuck in my craw was Rhys' unending well of patience and love (no L word was declared) for Cory. He was almost in doormat territory. Cory was mean, emotionally draining and cruel (at times) and Rhys just smiled and took it. Maybe if I was able to get into Rhys' head I could see what the hell he saw in Cory because I didn't get it. Cory barely warmed up at the end and the last bit was rushed anyway.

For Cory and Rhys' relationship to be believable to me, I'd need to see the time it takes Cory to thaw. I don't expect it to be fully but he's a psychiatrist' wet dream/nightmare.

Cory had no redeemable factors. I feel bad for anyone who suffered through years of emotional abuse. But this guy...he's not worth it. And Rhys is going to be chipped away from the mental warfare Cory will plague him throughout their "relationship" until he barely recognizes his self. Why sign up for emotional turmoil? And the part that got me was Rhys KNEW this and still did it anyway. I think Rhys was motivated to even pursue Cory because he had a crush on him in high school and fifteen years of not seeing him made it for total wish fulfillment now.

Ugh. So maybe I did figure out the issues.

The story ends HFN-ish. (I can't really say Cory is a HEA kinda guy) It felt barely resolved. You have a closed off man who remains fairly closed throughout the entire story. Usually, that is like manna for me but I couldn't get into Cory. He was a right bastard no matter how much Rhys was written to discuss Cory's winning qualities - Cory didn't really display them so I didn't care. And first person POV usually works for me but I wasn't into Cory or his perspective. Sometimes he made me laugh but he was not endearing to say the least. And I pitied Rhys. I just don't understand why they happened...this plot wasn't odd, it just...*waves hands* *sighs*

This is my second S.C. Wynne story, maybe we're not a match. *shrugs* I like the premises but the execution...always leaves me wanting more from the story.