Ride the Wind

Ride the Wind - Anne Dudley After reading the premise for the book, I somehow worked it into my head "Ride the Wind" was going to end up being something like this:


Hot right? Two leather daddies going at it after dark, kind of action. But no, it wasn't meant to be in this book.

A former runaway, turned mechanic who is so deep in the closet, he'd need a map, GPS and prayers to find his way out, Alex Durant, is on vacation for a week in Sturgis, South Dakota with his tent and motorcycle. He's not looking for much, he's sort of a Cinderfella, who is unappreciated by his mean boss, Augie and Alex also does not appreciate himself nor does he recognize his self worth.

Alex has never been with a man, has only slept with one woman (a 21st birthday present) that he'd like to forget and has never left the mechanic's shop since his boss took him in. Fate steps in and delivers fun in the form of Jordon, a motocross racer.

Jordon is a type of character I always take get pleasure in reading. You know the one that is a helluva good time. No matter what this type gets you involved with, even if it's being handcuffed in the back of a police car, you know you'd had a great time. He sees insecure Alex and takes him under his wing. As friends at first.

So now I'm hoping the story would take a turn like this:


Alas no hunky beefy leather daddies waiting to pop Alex's butt cherry in sight.

This is a slow build kind of romance with a lot of frottage mixed in. These guys are in the outdoors, young and free, so why not? When I say there is a lot of sex don't write this off as a PWP. There's a plot. The story is really New Adult set in August 1999. Alex needed this vacation to discover himself and thankfully Jordon was there to help him along his journey.

Just picture being twenty-two years old and all you've ever eaten was stale crackers your entire life. You never even heard of fructose syrup. (A shame) And then someone gives you your first piece of candy at 22. You're going to eat and suck and slobber and devour that candy any chance you can. You're going to gorge yourself on all that has been denied because you finally get a taste of the good stuff. That's Alex and Jordon for a little over the first half of the story. Except candy is gay sex and it is awesome.


Don't get me wrong, some parts are slow, the first third especially. The last third I zipped through because things finally come together for Alex because he decides to finally stop being a participant in his life and fucking DRIVE. Alex does some growing up, gets a taste of the real world, has to let what he wants the most go, so he can value what he had. I don't think what Alex did in St. Louis as cheating as he and Jordon did not make any promises

And all in all, he had a solid thing, he came into adulthood with some speed bumps but that's life huh? I liked Alex. I loved Jordon.

And Zeke, the best friend-Yoda-father figure to Alex, he was a phenomenal secondary character. Loved him.

3.75 STARS

P.S. I don't think everyone would love this story. I think those who don't mind a lot of sex mixed with a new adult trying to find himself and not fully come out of the closet but slowly inch his way out might appreciate this book. Nothing super kinky either though that one bathroom stall scene...*fans self*