Dark Skye

Dark Skye - Kresley Cole Best early birthday present!


At book #14 in the Immortals After Dark series, should you really care at this point?


This is why I read. This is what I wanted. I yearned for. I craved for. This story gets back to IAD tricky goodness. Take it from someone who hates following incomplete series. This is one to try.

First of all, I signed the petition for this story to be written years ago. The author promised she'd write it, give us the answers about these amazing secondary characters. She delivered their love story in a GIANT RED BOW. She gave us all we asked for. This is my birthday gift to me and I gorged and savored Lanthe and Thronos, ya heard?


The last book, MacRieve, was a bon bon, good but it didn't add to the IAD arc, I was nervous about the detour but..."Dark Skye" brought us back to the good stuff. And I got a followup of my most favorite couple and least fave heroine (Sabine) of the series. Finally Cadeon and Holly news! I love those two to pieces. And just when I thought the air cleared about my main question about Cadeon and Holly, the author now leaves me with another predicament I will wonder about through future books. (There's a hint in there, IAD-ers...)


Lanthe and Thronos, enemies for a half century due to murders, crippling and scarring for life. But they were friends first. How to write a plausible love story with that much angst and pain? If you expect instant gratification, this is not the story for you. This story is long but so worth it. To go from one extreme to the next, you need to give these characters room to air out their frustrations and hurt. Thronos, Vrekener warrior and prince, is kind of like a member of one of those radical religious fanatic (the sex thing with Vrekeners, that was genius). Just about every damn thing is an offendment or sin to the holier than thou Vrekeners: kissing, lusting, wenching, fucking, drinking, having fun, practicing sorcery, etc. He's the antithesis of a Soceri, the hedonist, magic wielding, gold-worshiping race. And guess who's a Sorceri? Lanthe.

And Lanthe is not a virgin and not down with the slut shaming. She's made plenty of mistakes and unwise choices, she has a past. And does not let that define her. However for male virgin Thronos, she's everything he should despise...but as we knew from the first time meeting these two, they are mates.

After 500 years...Thronos finally has Melanthe in his clutches. They both learn through fighting, being pitted against each other and then having to partner with one another against extraordinary odds (dragons, demon wars, beasts, a big D (whose? read to find out) and tentacles to name a few) and finally get a well deserved HEA. After all those years, do I expect them to fall in bed with each other and declare love by page 50? No, patience delivers the best gifts.

The gifts? We see Nucking Futs Nix, learn about her plans for the Accession, the names of the enemies all of this machinations are for, a Furie update, visits some more of the Lore dimensions, LOA - a smidge more about her (I remember she was supposed to have a story, I hope it's still in the works) and if Nix plans comes to fruition...maybe a hint to a possible mate for her? Because if she is, then he'd be too? And we learn (mostly) about Vrekeners and their origins. My new fave species. <3 Lanthe definitely one of the better heroines, loved her better than Sabine (who I'm still growing to love, forgive me) She's strong, uses her mind and speaks it, doesn't give in for a man and learns the value of compromise, while still being her imperfectly perfect self!<br/>

Enough about the tidbits and the followups, Lanthe and Thronos. They are an epic couple. They are definitely in my top ten. I am adding a wing for Thronos in my SRAL's favorite IAD mansion now palace. Lothaire, Cadoen, Garreth and Malkolm...we're making room in my harem, darlings! Thronos gots the skills to pay the bills and the equipment to do the deed. *shivers* *melts*

This book, "Dark Skye" is an excellent addition to the IAD series. DO NOT SKIP TO THIS BOOK - READ THE SERIES IN ORDER! Trust me on this.

Recommended for IAD fans, Kresley Cole fans, lovers of good paranormal/urban fantasy with sexy main characters, some suspense and quote worthy dialogue. (My Kindle is bursting with quotes just from this one!)