Heart of a Hero

Heart of a Hero - James   Cox A Hearts On Fire Review

3.75 HEARTS--"Heart of a Hero" is book #1 of The Triple Towers series, set in a dystopian United States in the year 2095. The world has changed, the natural resources have become scarce - sand dunes have taken over. The wealthy left the poor to fend for themselves and built three towers to live in. They built a large wall to separate themselves to keep the wealthy in and the unwanted, diseased out. The poor have been named "Wastrels". The towers are the new United States and Wastrels are not allowed inside.

Kallen is on tower patrol, a Wastrel soldier, who was in the wrong place at the right time. Murders of the enemies happen and Kallen witnessed the entire thing. So when he's mistaken as a hero and offered a hero's life including life inside one of the Towers...he takes the golden opportunity.

The life of a hero has perks including dick sucking and gobbling...this is a James Cox book therefore erections are getting major spotlight. Kallen's cock is uncut, thick and perfect for blowies! Before you pigeonhole this story as spank bank material, wait! There's a plot.

Those murders? One of the murdered is the brother of the highest ranking soldier in the Towers named Lorn. And he knows his brother was wrongly accused and finds Kallen to be a liar. But he can't stop picturing bending Kallen over and thinking about his puckered hole even though he should hate the man.

So the two have hot sex and work out their differences in the bed, the shower and on top of an inflatable sex toy *grins*, all while trying to solve a mystery and find a traitor.

I have minor quibbles: a few plot thread bumps like Lorn is not as dominant as he thinks he was. Also, I think the world building could have been more defined. The story gives a little over the bare minimum but the world was interesting enough to delve deeper. This did not detract from the main plot line but it was noticeable. However, this is a series, so I am sure the bumps will smooth out as the story progresses.

Would would best enjoy this story? Readers who want to explore in some futuristic suspense but not get too involved in a heavy read. This is pure James Cox and he brings the cocks, so be prepared to be aroused. And this story has more depth than say his Handsome Hero series but it still brings some fun (um, flavored semen anyone?)

The story ends with a slight cliffhanger with a HFN that has a possibility for HEA.

I definitely will be reading more of this series.