Clipped - Devon McCormack A Hearts On Fire Review

4.25 HEARTS--Bloodied, Battered, Bruised...and Wanting More

For the curious and others who thought "Ooh, lookit an angel on the cover, must get!" and skipped the blurb, let's get the warning out there first. Read the blurb. Don't take it lightly. This book is dark. How dark? There's extreme blood and breath play, knives being inserted into orifices kind of violence, hell there's violence that I'm sure a human could not sustain, stabbing in triceps, splinters in cocks...and tons of dry anal sex. HEAPS OF PENETRATION WITH MONSTROUS PENISES OF OBSCENE, INHUMAN LENGTH INTO BONE DRY ORIFICES!!!!! I felt like I should say a prayer for those torn backsides or send a barrel of lube to Kinzer and the gang because I'm sure if they tried it once, they might like it. The girth and length of one of the higherlings alone...Holy moly was there a lot of dry penetration. I now think of saliva as lube as a luxury after reading this story.

I'm getting a little off track, but trust me, the dub con/non-con/extremely graphic sex doesn't just happens once or twice in case you think you can tough it out. It's laced throughout this story. If those boys weren't fighting, they were sexing...violently! There's also brief incest flashbacks. Blood. Grit. Oh not to mention it takes the Christian mythology and twists it on its rear. That's right, folks, the bad guys-Lucifer and crew are the good guys.

So are you still with me? Get that this is just fiction? The author created quite a tale. And I love nothing more than really good tale especially if theology/history/mythology is mixed in. So I'll try to summarize the major concepts, eh?

In "Clipped", God is the ultimate bad guy - selfish, revenge seeking and wishes to destroy mankind. Heaven and Hell do exist but Heaven is actually the bad place, Hell, the good place. Lucifer was God's lover. And God created Earth as a gift for his lover, Satan. Earth was not God's first creation, he made angels or higherlings in his most divine attributes which include massive dongs that could not fit a human hole comfortably. But being a selfish, vain creator he placed the most beautiful higherlings in charge and ignored the regular higherlings. Lucifer fought for equality for all and was cast of Heaven. Thus creating Hell and all the higherlings who followed Lucifer were known as the Fallen or demons.

Heaven and Hell have battled before but "Clipped" starts in modern day Georgia where the start of Armageddon is near. God wants to destroy the world, Lucifer wants to save mankind. Both have special armies and creations to help even the playing field. God wants Christ to be born to start the destruction; Lucifer wants the Antichrist to spread love and peace. Kinzer is a Fallen who recently had his black wings clipped but he has to try and warn Satan's spies on Earth while there is still time.

Now "Clipped" is more of an ensemble cast, definitely gay fiction with a little romance thrown in between the bloody action and sex. And the ending is a cliffhanger that might bring about a case of the sads. The author was a film major and really shows. I can't compare this book to any other book I've read but if I had to liken it to a movie it'd be a gay angel/demon clusterfuck version of Kill Bill--gory, bloody, gritty and action packed!

Kinzer has just lost his lover, has lost his powers and thrown into an underground human brothel. His plans of warning his comrades gets derailed by an abused human prostitute named Kid. From there Kinzer has an epic adventure, one turn after the next. One never knows who to trust, which ally is backstabbing whom, etc. All of the angels, fallen or otherwise are owners of some pretty creative names--Dedrus, Treycore (which kept reminding me of the Atreyu from the Neverending Story for some reason), Veylo (okay this one kept reading Velcro), etc. Just when I thought I got the cast of characters down, two more gets introduced...I was almost tempted to write notes. The Raze, demon spies for God, brutally follow Kinzer and company (Kid, Fallen Treycore, owner of twenty inches betwixt his thighs, sweet Fallen Dedrus and Maggie, a pregnant human crack(?)whore) as they try to evade the Raze and fight back with swords (literally and figuratively *coughs*cocks*coughs*)!

I've never read a more rape happy bunch than these angel/demons. Boy are they a lusty bunch. This book is definitely a part of the erotica category. But to be honest after all the dry sex, it wasn't as erotic to me. I became numb like a certain person's bum. Also, I was tired of reading about the "perfect love handles" after the third time. I get it. They have perfect bodies, these demon/angels. Sometimes the descriptions was a little on the repetitive side. I get that erotica has a tendency to be more about aesthetics than emotions but I'd appreciate description variation.

Other than that and the sometimes forgotten bruises, maladies and their effects (a human gets stabbed in the triceps and was able to walk away with no healing time; or a bloody part in the jungle, no magics to help heal and no infection?), the story rocked. This story is not fuzzy or pink. It's desperate. It's heart pumping. It's dark. It's grotesque. Even a little funny. The characters will stay on the brain whether it be a positive or negative, they will cause some sort of reaction from the reader.

And the way "Clipped" ended...there better be a sequel in the works!! I am not above pleading because it can't end there. I need happy endings! I actually stared at the end of the ebook and read "The End" and searched to see if I missed a bit more in my frantic page turning. Sadly, I didn't miss anything. It really was the end.

I love Kinzer, Dedrus, Kid and Treycore. I even sort of like Maggie, her reactions to the immortals felt natural given her circumstance. And really enjoyed the abused characters' self reflection--namely Kid and Maggie. It gave depth.

I need resolution. I want more. And I'm hoping for some resurrection (*hint**hint*)...because it can't end like that. Gripping fiction. If you aren't fazed by the warning/triggers, this might be your kind of story.

P.S. I thought the book dedication was a hoot!