Bloodline - Barbara Elsborg A Hearts On Fire Review

FOUR & A HALF STARS--Hands down “Bloodline” is one of my favorite reads for this year! Even needing to take some time to think about why it kicks major ass did not calm down my excitement for this story. For my first Barbara Elsborg--I can hear your gasp from here, thanks—I did not know what to expect. But this author delivered a mix of light and dark with sexiness, vulnerability and snark.

Vampire Inigo is kidnapped because he’s the best tattoo artist in London and has been ordered to complete a tattoo for a faerie king he’s never met. While captures, he meets a mute Micah, a prisoner in the king’s clutches. And Inigo can’t keep his eyes or his cock’s thoughts (*nods* he talked to his penis, LOVED IT) off the damaged Micah. And Micah can’t help but return the feelings even if he’s been burned by vampires before. Faeries and Vampires don’t mix…sounds a little “True Blood”-ish, huh?

Don’t worry it’s not.

Why does this book kicketh ass?

Oh let me count the ways:

1) Main Characters – Inigo is a major reason to read. Micah and his awesome tattooed faerie cock is a great reason to read too. But Inigo? What a snarky, sexy vampire. Inigo the two hundred year old vampire that has seen quite a bit of the world but did not come across as jaded. He’s so faceted and I enjoyed each and every facet. Micah surprised me too. Both men were a little damaged but not world weary. Just the type of leading men I love reading about.

2) Plot – Here I am thinking the book was going to go one way and it turned into something even more. I thought it was going to be an urban fantasy but there was a mystery to be solved. And then the agency aspect was introduced towards the second half of the book to add another layer to a simple yet intricate plot. Great world building while set in modern day London. I also like that everything is not revealed right away rather at its own pace.

3) The Sex – Yummy, yum, yum. ;D This book is not just erotica, there be plot. But their sex scenes and franticness…frottage can be oh so hot. *whispers* And both men are tops.*squeals* But they…uh…handle that issue quite nicely. Smut lovers will enjoy. ;D P.S. There be a smidge of het (M/F) sex, you’ve been warned.

4) The Funny – As a girl who loves to laugh (a lot), I usually don’t laugh out loud at funny parts in books. Unless it’s really bad or extremely funny. And to me, this book was in the latter category. No slapstick crap here. It’s a mix of self-depreciation/witty/sly /British humor that I really enjoy. Of course, Inigo delivers it while drawing you into his world.

5) Secondary Characters – From the evil king Oberon (is it bad that I was kinda digging him and his psychotic ways?) to Ryn, the bodyguard and Roman (I want him-bad), Micah’s mysterious boss, these characters added to the well-crafted supernatural world this author created. Don’t fret, you won’t need index cards to keep up with the species. (In case you’re curious, there’s faeries, vampires, shifters of all types, gargoyles, angels, zombies, even a little hint of unicorn) The supernatural beingss are so human, sometimes I forgot they were a little something extra until they mentioned their wings or fangs. And the epilogue hints to a follow up with Roman. (Please, please do…I’m not above begging for this) I think this world has legs for a series to be honest. I could easily read more books based on the secondary characters.

Do I recommend? YES!

Would I read more from this author? YES!

The story is a well-deserved HEA with a cool epilogue (loved the delivery). And if you must know why not full 5 stars…I felt one of the bad guys got off a little too easy. It’s funny what happened but he did some vile moves. He should have been punished thoroughly. And Micah/Inigo, initially when they got together…it seemed a little quick for feelings from Inigo, just a little. But he’s a vampire. Micah’s a faerie. They are paranormal, this usually happens. I got over it. ;D