Fighting Dirty

Fighting Dirty - Olley White 4.5 Stars--Don't you just want to get dirty with the cover model?

Is it just me? *fake blushes*

Oh well. ;P

So when I saw this prompt, I thought okay...interesting. And the author rocked the hell out of the prompt.

Fantasy? Class differences? Enemies to Lovers? Virgin?


These are things that make me very happy to read. What a fun world, Olley created. In only a little over 8K, I knew the characters, could see this fantasy world she created and fell for Ethan & Fitz.

Add the bonus of mud wrestling/fighting?


Don't worry. It's sexy.

Know what's even sexier? Ethan and Fitz's cleaning off. Very nice *purrs*

And the hotness factor was upped with what happened afterwards.


Yum! Fun story! Great prompt!

Thank you to the author and the team behind it!!!