Naked Tails

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Author & Book of the Month (June)


Possum? *pauses* Possum shifter? Possum shifter romance? *scratches head*

Huh? Que what?

I won't lie. When us unicorns chose this book to be our book of the month, I was a little stunned. Because WTF is interesting about possums, right?


Who wants to read romance between roadkill garbage munchers?

Apparently this girl.

What I expected? Some shifter fluff about an underwhelming species.
What I got? A story with more depth than I expected. It's not angst-ridden but it's not sticky diabetic coma inducing either.

Seth McDaniel is a lonely orphan who is half possum shifter and doesn't know anything about his family background or duality. He's been snatched away by an evil grandma and raised in Chicago away from his Georgia possum kin and best friend, Dustin Livingston.

Cut to twenty years, Seth's only living relative passed away and he has to go back to his birthplace, Possum Kingdom, Georgia. He has no prospects in Chicago, he's obsessed with social media- a member of dozens of sites with thousands of friends but has no real life friends. He's a veritable doormat, hell, even his on & off boyfriend, dicks him over. And Seth just takes it.

But his loneliness made me sympathetic to him. He's not a bad guy, he's been cowed down to all his life and with his unknown secret nature, I expected nothing more from him. Seth is a normal man who's insecure who might be a bit of a loser at certain points of his life but a decent man nonetheless.

Enter Possum Kingdom and learn their crazy possum shifter and sympathetic (not everyone is a possum shifter in the town).


There is a secret society of possums (passel) living in plain sight, temporarily headed by Seth's former (ginger)best friend, Dr. Dusty Livingston. The two rekindle their friendship and can't deny their childhood bond is still strong...even more so as adults.

Two guesses what two healthy gay men with an undeniable attraction do together? Have some hot sex, indoors and outdoors is what.

This is a novel not PWP, the detail to the possum's nature was quite nice. There's some funny mixed in. Some sweet. No heavy angst. A cute little epilogue where everyone sort of wins.

My favorite characters were the Johnson triplets - Eddy, Freddy & Teddy (cutesy names I know but if I ever have triplet boys-Huey, Dewey and Louie are major contenders damnit) and Seth.

The triplets for comedic factor. And Seth because he learned to man up on his own time, he became more than he ever thought he could and he did it on his own. No major penis made the decision for him. Yes, he got help but I was proud of him.

Is the story without faults? No. I would have gotten rid of about 10-15% of filler, maybe pad some of the transitions. A points they were rough. But for a quirky romance between the least romantic shifter I could think of, it works.

Oh yes...and Monica. She's a fault too. Monica was annoying in the beginning. A curmudgeon, really. She might prove to have a heart of gold but she was off putting because she blatantly was an asshole. Yes, she cleaned up her act in the long run but she needed to be chin-checked just once. There's no need for posturing, madam. Act like a human being.

Overall, a good story with some heart. Light but not without a plot. 3.75 HEARTS rounded up because I'm still smiling about it