Best - Mick Crocker Straight jock Mark is a high school stud with a gay, geeky best friend Jeff. Mark is cool with it because he has a girlfriend...until he catches he buck naked having het sex with the quarterback.

Now Mark is sad...*fake pout* He needs his best friend to comfort him, by cuddling in their underwear in bed. Oopsies is that a boner?


Straight boy sucks dick like a pro. Rimming, fingering, anal, oh my!
Jizz wizards also make an appearance because they're 18 year old spunk fountains.
Straight boy likes getting reamed, oh yeah! Butt virgin cherry popped.

Fapping worthy but only 11 pages so it's gotta be quick.

P.S. Sheryl/Cheryl is a skank.

The author spelled her name both ways:

“Sometimes I can jack off three or four times a day. I fucked Cheryl four times once, but usually I can do twice easily.”

“Good,” he whispered. “Come for me.”

He jacked me off faster and I pushed into his hand, wondering why his grip felt so much better than Sheryl’s pussy."

So either she's a skank squared or maybe there's two of them?

Ah, why am I worried about typos when this is a one handed read? *shrugs*
2.5 STARS I'll round up because it amused me.