The Man Who Came Too Much

The Man Who Came Too Much - Ellie Saxx image

I’ll get straight to the point: when I cum, I fill jars. I buy those quart-sized widemouthed canning jars from discount stores and reach for one when I’m jerking off. My orgasms might last a minute or two, depending. Twenty or thirty shots of my semen will fill up a jar in no time. I’m like a hose.

The title says it all. I'm late to the cumming party so let me share my fave bits from this hilarious short, huh? I felt drenched just from reading.

My dick was jumping and spasming like some sort of garden sprinkler people danced through on their lawns.


He cums in jars!
He cums on walls!
He cums in Pringles cans, thigh high boots, water balloons ("Operation Cumbardment"), many holes!

He's a semen blaster! He's a cum bazooka! Holy shit, man how are his balls still attached to his body? He's probably still coming right now as I type this!


Cover your eyes (peek through your fingers), wear your rubber suit, it's a wet, super soaker kind of ride!

So in summary:


A splooge floods a coming!