Dominant Tendencies

Dominant Tendencies - Gabriel Belthir, Angelia Sparrow, Naomi Brooks, G.C. Mika, T.C. Mill, Sian Hart 3.8 Hearts to be exact rounded up!

Anthologies like this one don't come around very often, all fantasy based, D/s, MM. I was in heaven. I am seeing the light of a subby, slave boy. (*coughs*Breann*coughs*) What's anthology without hits and misses, luckily I found only one dud within the bunch. From cyberpunk to paranormal to sci-fi or high fantasy, this anthology offered a little bit of everything under the fantasy spectrum. I enjoyed the stories for different qualities and surprisingly it wasn't for the sex. There is sex in the stories but it's the fantasy worlds created that really got me hooked. And nothing ultra kinky, so if you're hesitating because you expect extreme BDSM, it isn't that.

Debts and Credits by Sian Hart - 4 Hearts

It's Cyberpunk, baby! This story features an elf and djinn MC...let's say I was VERY happy happy. I love both of those supernaturals and don't see enough djinn in MM. Daelyn, is a cyber hacker/thief/criminal extraordinaire elf. Daelyn is in debt and gets sold to a new Master. A Djinn Master who loves his pleasure in the real world. Daelyn is testy because he can't return the the nets and hack to his cyber delight. Master Djinn straightens his testy butt out with cyber bondage! This was not super kinky. So if extreme BDSM squicks you out, have no fear. Daelyn is taken as an exotic, pampered fucktoy in the beginning but he's anything but. Some cyber hacking and fighting happens but overall an enjoyable story and strong start to the anthology.

Riding the Edge by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks - 4 Hearts

Well, well, well. I think I need to add more works from this writing duo very soon. This is a spin off short story from "Spellbound Desire" from Ms. Sparrow but I didn't need to read it to understand the basics of the world created. Kinky, little IR HFN that doesn't waste much time getting to the point. What I liked was not only the kink (CBT, sounding, gags, bondage...needy, subby bottom who likes pain) but that the Dom knew how to work his sub over and take care of him. The little nuances went a big way in my book. He could tell when his boy had too much or needed more. It is set in paranormal Memphis, where two mage co-workers need a way to expend their adrenaline rush from taking down the baddies. Why not do this through a handjob on a motorcycle and rocking sex at home? Really loved the dirty talk and the different magic sex toys. Approves!

What He Brought Home by T.C. Mill - 2 Hearts

Sadly, this did not work for me. Established couples kind of bore me because there is usually nothing to grasp my attention or to carry the story with enough oomph. It is not a bad sci-fi, IR (?) story but it was dull. This was light kink and barely D/s. Yes, one of the characters likes to hurt badly, enough to cut and scar. But I missed the part as to why he craved this behavior. Maybe it was mentioned? I'm not reading again to figure it out. The one thing I liked was that the MC had an open, committed relationship. That was my favorite part. Nothing really happened, the story is just a number of scenes - bondage, SM, scarification (?), it could have been the same day or a number of weeks. Meh. It might work better for other readers, didn't work for me.

The Errant Son by G.C. Mika - 4 Hearts

I really loved the fantasy world created in Denver. In a Master/slave society, the Masters are nobles...but the slaves can be nobles too. Slaves are trained and given a different color skirt based on their talents. 22-year-old gay noble slave, Brendan, has been disowned from his family for being gay. He was branded as mauloku, or gay and didn't have much hope for being chosen from slave school since slaves were preferred to be attracted to both sexes. *whispers* virgin alert. Brendan gets chosen by Andre, a noble with an agenda. Together they train to take down a political family. This story should have been longer to let the political intrigues and backstabbing fully run it course and the ending? Is there more for this story? It ends more with a question mark rather than a period. I loved the set up and the world created which is mainly pushing my rating. The main characters were good but I think if the story was longer and more character development was given, they could have been better.

Sacrifice by Gabriel Belthir - 5 Hearts (Okay it's really 4.75 but I'll round for math purposes)

To me this was the anthology's crown jewel. High fantasy world created featuring goddesses, elves, warriors and sword fighting. Do I enjoy sword fighting! Reminiscent of ancient Rome, with gladiator-style fighting, Sacrifice starts off like an action movie. In fact, if this ended up being a series on on of those cable networks, I'd be that loud fan telling everyone and their mother to watch this. This shit is good! Ta'kari, is a elven holy warrior, captured by not defeated i his heart. He fights for his people with everything that he is. He knows nothing but fighting. To read his capitulation was quite a thing. He goes from battling for his people. becoming a slave, learning that his life is forever changed and accepting his fate. His Master Matteius, the other evenly matched warrior, treats him well. Ta'kari fights him and his destiny. That struggle is aces. This is the longest story of the anthology. I think it should have been its own novella to be honest, I didn't think it fit the rest of the stories until I got into the halfway mark. Then the last 10%? *growls* It was rushed toward the end, I'd have loved to read how they two exactly got their revenge instead of a brief mention of it. But, dude, this story? It rocked, man. Everything I love about fantasy was put into place. I recommend this story.

Great anthology!