Quarterbacks Halfbacks Tight Ends No. 2

Quarterbacks Halfbacks Tight Ends No. 2 - Dallas Sketchman Look at this cover. LOOK AT THIS COVER!

This ladies and gentlemen is to blame (or applaud?) for my recent Dallas Sketchman binge. This is not the book that peaked my interest but this is the cover that begged to be added to my shelves. Which I--

LOOK AT HIS ASS! A further closeup in case it's unclear:


DAYUM baby, you want a thick sausage between those BUNS?

I want to buff and shine that bad boy. Treat it nice, take it for walks daily and feed it three times a day. Not fast food either, those buns deserve quality selections. Prime meats. And Crisco.

Mr. Sketchman has shown me the other qualities of the oil/grease/shortening.

Grease the crease. *coughs*

Enough about this man's plump buns. Let me discuss my findings on Quarterbacks Halfbacks Tight Ends No. 2.

This book is about Parker, a new young RMT for the Green Bay (Packers? - The team name was not mentioned but the city of Green Bay was) and his tales of being the team's masseur and cum dump. He loves a good cock packing in his behind.

Maybe it is serendipity that he works for the Packers? *scratches chin*

And Parker is ordered to take care of the players' happy ending with his fuck holes. Which he does. A whole lot.

"Oh yeah, man, fuck me hard like a real quarterback should."

I was not sure before reading this fine gem what exactly entailed real quarterback fucking but I can now testify it involves tit chewing and deep throating. See Parker got made into a true "fuck bitch". And this was another fine specimen of Sketchman's work because he provided extra sounds of "BANG" or "KABOOM" while the "fuck bitch" got fucked by players' horsecocks!

And Parker was the owner of a "tight little bubble ass pussy". He kept his mouth quiet about his down-low players and full of football play man meat. He got paid for his "special" messages and "laid" regularly. He made almost $100,000 in tips alone in year. He's living the "fuck bitch" high life.

And sometimes the masseur delivered his hot pipe to willing athletes butts. And with one closeted player, they found real dick pig love. They didn't just breed their guts with hot cum, they fondled and caressed, sucked on their nipples. Slept with hard cocks in their bums.

Twu luv.

They had a happily ever after.

See even a "fuck bitch" can find his "horsecock" prince (ignore that the fuck bitch continues to get ass pounded during their HEA from team players. He's just doing a job to keep the team afloat.)