Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche - Nash Summers image

Apparently I was thirsty and I didn't even know it.

My first thought once reading this story today in the first 10%: Refreshing.


Still sticks.

I do love to read about it ALL. Every damn thing. Gimme gimme more words such is a true bookworm's read-hungry soul. I love the loud, smutty books and I love the serious, quiet ones with the same amount of joy. I crave the quiet so much. Especially when it forces me to focus, listen, be patient, wait for the magic to unfold on its own time.

"Carte Blanche" did this for me.

It might not do that for you. And that's okay. :D
We can't all read and love the same things.

Maybe I enjoyed this book more because I'm surrounded by more Judes than Devins in my part of the world. Maybe because I appreciate the spotlight it brings on people who have disorders and struggle to function in a world that might be easier for some to navigate through.

A twenty-something named Jude who also has social anxiety, OCD and panic attacks has a new neighbor...who he can't seem to get rid of. Or wants to. Jude is a loner, works from his apartment, obsessively cleans and other than his job and a solitary online friend, has no one. It's bleak. His new neighbor, Devin adds color to Jude's white walled world.

I loved the characters. I loved their friendship. I liked the pacing. I loved the journey (that continues) of Jude. It's definite, this is a work in progress. No quick fixes here. No magic penis with a mouth attached that easily solves the tangled ball of OCD/social anxiety that is Jude.

I was hooked from the first bit but around 80%, that slayed me. My breathing got heavy, my mind blown. My heart runneth over, anything after 90% was just the icing on the already made cake of my feelz.

It felt organic. It read organic. There is a sex scene - eh I could have done with or without it. This story is not a bang-bang shoot 'em up or a week long fuck fest. It's a quiet journey for a young man in search of himself. Devin is just the catalyst. Even with such a serious topic, it was light enough not to weigh you down. Also, this author is a bit of a romantic, I've noticed as this is not my first rodeo with her work. I love the way the epic fairy-tale-esque quality to the romance she delivers.

Maybe you're more of a Jude, maybe you're closer to Devin (good if you are or aspire to be, we need more of you) either way, this is quite the story to read.

I'm still smiling. I love books with heroes that are more oddball than perfect. They get me every time.