Chapmistres View - Adam and Ben

Chapmistres View - Adam and Ben - Carol Pedroso First off, this story is a solid 3.5 stars


It's also one of those stories that will not work for everyone, paranormal fluff with mpreg. This story (and what seems to be start of a series) has enough to be the start of something satisfying. Once again for a certain lane in the MM genre. I think fans of Scarlet Hyacinth, Sui Lynn, S.J. Frost and that shifter sugar umbrella might love the hell out of this story.

It's a good one. I have to be in the right mood from possessive, hulking giants of a man kind of main characters. This story caught me on the right day. Some days all I want to read about it "you're mine", you're my "mate". Especially the 'put your face in the pillow and your ass in the air' type of stories. *growls* No face in the pillow in this one...smutsters stand down, it's not in here.

This story ain't nothing but vampire/witch sugar with a minor angst chaser.

25 year old witch Ben has a history of abuse, he's scared and scarred but Adam Rickman (LOL I kept reading ALAN RICKMAN), a 2000 year old vampire that's 6'10" and gentle changes Ben's mind about finding love. Ben has issues in the beginning with trusting, etc but he gets over it once he learns he's mated to Adam. Adam courts Ben, with red roses (blech - I roses make me cringe), hugs (a few people know how I feel about excessive hugging), MANTEARS - image and sugar.

There was a good number of characters to keep track of, some with similar initials so I had to reread parts to remember who was who.
Everyone's pretty much paired up. I prefer the MC and secondary characters having to work for their HEA not be handed their HEA on a golden platter.

The story has legs to carry onto a series. I do hope this author continues on. I like the main ideas. I'd shave off the excessive sweet but there are readers who might it enjoy it as sticky sweet as this was. Sex was had, a baby was made, a little suspense thrown in. Not bad at all.

And who doesn't enjoy a 6'10" hero? *purrs*

Thanks to the author for the story.

P.S. How does one pronounce "Chapmistres"? It's been puzzling me for the longest. Is it CHAP-MISS-TREES or CHAP-MISTERS?