The Last Cannoli

The Last Cannoli - Tali Spencer Unicorn Horns...Mafioso like moves...Cannoli...


"You know what a good cannoli is supposed to be? A life-altering experience. Life altering! You eat a great cannoli and, sweet baby Jesus, it’s like the saints come down and deliver you to heaven."

That's the honest truth. This story has made me thank the Italian bakeries in the half mile radius from my house. Nothing like the creamy goodness of cannoli cream, the crunchy cinnamon-like shell and delectable chocolate chips. *shudders*

Sweet treat.

As is Tali Spencer's "The Last Cannoli"!

Sean Whelan is down on his luck. He's been dicked over by a cutthroat business partner. He has a business award, a prestigious business degree and is not happy. So he has a mini pre mid-life crisis and applies for a part time job in a local Philadelphia Italian bakery. He's over qualified for the job but he needs a change of pace, he needs the social interaction and unknowingly, he will come to need his boss...Joe Dippolitano.

The two have a somewhat gruff start, they flash hot and cold especially in the beginning, I was a little unsure of where their relationship was heading but towards the middle things smoothed out and their friendship shined through.

There's signature Tali Spencer snark, some sexy times, a little fantasy fun thrown in (unicorn horn cannoli shells? Love it) and some great lines.

“I liked the way your mouth worked that cannoli.”

If there's one thing I know, it's proper cannoli gobbling!


A connoisseur recognizes a true cannoli connoisseur.

A cute story of two men sorting out themselves for one another while working in a family bakery. Tons of pastry delights thrown within that will have you looking for the nearest bakery. And a happy ending that still makes me smile as writing this review.

Thanks to the author for the fun, sweet story and the team behind making this story such a sweet treat. ;D

One more time...