Punch-Drunk Love

Punch-Drunk Love - Nico Jaye image


Why do you taste so good? Why?! The tales I can tell...I won't. Don't ask. Tequila and I have a love/hate relationship.


I digress. (<3 you Bianca)<br/>
"Punch Drunk Love" is awesome. And tequila might have helped greased someone's wheel. *coughs*Oliver*coughs* And lemme tell you why this story rocks.

There's smuff (smut and sugar - done frigging excellently might I add), the characters - all of them down to the tertiary characters came across as real people, the story was cute - a geeky martial arts competitor falls for the top dog in their gym/school/dojo (forgive me I suck with sports terms) and a unicorn costume that gets put to great use.


It's feel good and smexy, Oliver and Derek will make you smile. I read with a smile on my face but my smile is for something a lil' different.

See I happen to own a unicorn decode ring/horn (it changes when it needs too) and there were little things peppered throughout this story that makes me applaud this author. I smiled, I pouted, I laughed.

I am unicorn happy. My horn's sparkling at the moment.

FUCKING LOVED THIS STORY - from cover to The End. 4.5 STARS