I Spy Pecan Pie

I Spy Pecan Pie - Anna Birmingham “Sorry! Slip of the tongue.”

“Yeah, I know exactly where you’d like to slip your tongue,” Mac said, grabbing the spare dish towel out of my hands.


I'm not gonna lie...I no like pecan pie. But I really like Anna's "I Spy Pecan Pie". I do support pie however...you put a slice of Chess pie (aka crack pie) in front of me you will end up a finger short.


Sorry...sorry, getting little distracted with this pie talk. Hmm, wonder what I'm having for dessert today?

Anyway..."I Spy Pecan Pie"?


The author did an excellent job sticking to the prompt and delivering a story the prompter can enjoy. It was light, funny, cowboy fun and great banter especially from the friends. I enjoyed the secondary characters as much as the main characters in this story. :D

Duke's 6'4" (like why aren't you reading the story already- man I love the big guys), ripped due to a more interesting injury, shy and cooks like a dream. If Duke exists, please send him to my house. Thanks. He's lusting after the new ranch hand, Justin who is just hard to get a vibe from. Is he gay? Is he homophobic? Would he top like a stallion?

Questions that the author answers.

Most deliciously.

Nothing heavy, nothing kinky, pure romance on a ranch in Texas between a southern boy from Alabama and a Texan mechanic/cook.

Plus a work bench that has seen some fun times! ;P