His Heart Belongs to Daddy

His Heart Belongs to Daddy - Harry K. Malone
“I’m sorry. I thought we were here to fuck.”

“We are.” Oliver held Adam’s gaze for a charged moment.

“Then shouldn’t we figure out how we’re going to do it? Our preferences? Communication is the most important part, you know.”

“And here I thought the dick in the ass was the most important part.”


My prompt! My prompt! My prompt! *wiggles*

See the book blurb for my prompt!

First off I would love to thank the author for writing this story and thank the team behind it.

I loved the title. I like Adam. And Oliver now that I had some time to think about it. The author did warn me that this story was not going to be as kink filled. The way the author interpreted the plot and added what I included was subtle. I think readers who don't like heavy kink or iffy with BDSM reads in general would enjoy this story the most. It's a blip.

The story is more about the relationship dynamic rather than daddy kink when you exclude the bratty daughter, meddling ex-wife and crew.
The secondary characters get a lot of face time than Adam and Oliver.

Yes, he needed Oliver. He needed Oliver to let him have control. He needed to know that Oliver was strong enough to give it, that Adam wasn’t just taking it from someone too weak to refuse. He hadn’t understood that about their dynamic before.

The couple does spend a lot of time with other people before getting together. Can I say that bathroom scene was the hotness? I think it's my favorite scene from the entire story. I liked a different perspective of two guys who didn't expect to be in the role they thought they wanted to be. I wished there was less secondary character filler - Sanaa and her bossiness (what employer would let her do that), Joanne - (if her and Oliver were such great friends, etc...why would he let her treat him that way), Ted and Wendy (maybe the flirtation was supposed to be a juxtaposition to Adam/Oliver but it was weird and annoying) and Olivia.

Oh Olivia. *smh* So many thoughts on her.

Her turnabout didn't feel as authentic because she encouraged Wendy and Ted, she's rude, spoiled and a hypocrite. Other than drinking and mooching, she didn't have much to offer. The first chapter Olivia and the Epilogue Olivia could have been from the same tribe but that she-devil in Chapters two-twelve...she's a different monster. Ungrateful. Bratty. Spoiled. But it's her parents fault for letting her getting away with her BS. I'm not smoking what Oliver was smoking on thinking she was a great kid.

So if I exclude she-devil and company...we are left with a couple who needed more time to explain the rapid role reversal, to let the power exchange row into something a little more natural for the both of them. An example, Olivier wanted to bottom when meeting with an online lover but we don't get a scene of him bottoming, just a brief mention from Adam's perspective. Missed opportunity.

There were a number of them as the parts to explain why Adam and Olivier work as a couple came off rushed. For two sexual beings when other people are involved, these two talked more about (which when written with snark was great) then having actual on page sex.

I will be reading more of this author in the future because I liked his ideas. His interpretation of the prompt was different. Plus the writing is good and the snark was pretty funny in a lot of parts.

Like this line:

“Let me come over and show you how we belong together.”

“How will you do that?”

“We’re gonna fuck like my mama lives two states away.”

And there was a "mine" and growl part. I smiled hard at that bit. I think more buildup between Adam and Oliver would have brought this into supernova. The story was pretty rocking up until Chapter 8, then there were rougher patches that I think detail into the relationship change would have helped.

But overall, I liked. 3-3.5 stars.

Thanks once again.

ETA - 6/27/14: After reading the fuller version, the missing bit helps answer that curious question of Adam and Oliver switching roles. There's a brief smaller top moment. And the Martin-Oliver question I had from the epilogue is answered with how Oliver even knew about Martin. I'll stand by my original rating since I am still swimming in the 3-3.5 range. Thanks once more to the author pointing out the missing part between chapter 7-8! :D