The Bigger They Are

The Bigger They Are - Kim Alan image

Wanted to read this for AGES!

(Give or take a couple of ages and add months but same difference)

"Normal is overrated"

BDSM, spanking, discipline, Daddy kink, age difference, size difference, first time, multiple partners, multiple orgasms, rimming, cum play

See those tags up there? This story has earned every single one of them. HARD. I'm rating this all of the damn stars. *twirls around*

DADDY KINK!!! *wiggles*


I wanted this story since reading [b:Mission: X|18368452|Mission X|Kim Alan||25633272] last year and boy did this one up the game. KimAlan (yes, I call her by one name), got smuttier and I appreciate sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

*stares at story tags again and smirks*

Charlie and Wren, bodyguard and spoiled rich kid...also a Daddy and his boy. And that anaconda of a trouser snake. C'mon you've seen that prompt pic. It lingers on the brain.

(j/k there's nothing gentlemanly in this story...*twitches*)

Wren, naughty twink that he is, keeps pushing the limits until his Daddy has to come claim and reign him in. Kinky, delicious, boner worthy and smutty deliciousness. Wren is just enough of a brat to make the story interesting and Charlie is possessive enough to make it work

And as usual, there are awesome secondary characters I'd love to know more about (Ace & Joe with a third search...Devin? I'm not making hints or anything but I'd love some writez on those guys)

And the sex in this story? Look at the tags!





Thank you to the author, the prompter (2 thumbs up) and the team for this wonderful delight of smutty romance!

P.S. KimAlan, I am not above begging for more stories, please. You need a prompt? I can give good prompt. Please more.