Pink Lace and Stolen Hearts

Pink Lace and Stolen Hearts - J.C. Wallace Angst. Loved-You-For-Years. Panty Kink. Virgin.


A SRAL approved check list that guaranteed me reading.

3.5 Stars rounded up for the hint of kink

This story has a check list that really speaks to this smutster.

*nom nom nom*

Lawson is the striaight best friend and roommate of gay Greg. See Greg is a dreamer, needy and romantic - deadly combination. And Lawson is the friend who drops everything to see Greg smile, who is definitely the president of the #teamGregfanclub and doesn't seem to get how much he changed himself for his friend for all of these years.

Greg has a shitty boyfriend who treats Greg shittier (aka using hands not words). >:[
(Don't worry I love romances with abused characters...another for the list it seems)

Greg has a panty wearing secret which truthfully is friggin hot and then there's a scene with sniffing a certain item that made it even hotter. Someone recognizes they are gay for a certain panty-wearing, heart-on-his-sleeve best friend and then the angst train gets riden hard. Actually took a detour to teen drama town but it got back on track once the men FINALLY spoke to one another and quit pussyfooting around.

Take away 1.5 for that bit of foolishness.

Thankfully Greg and Lawson made it better with butt plug use.

Hot little story with a spicy little HEA. I'll pretend I didn't see the schmoop bucket in the last bit.

So in conclusion,