Until Next Time

Until Next Time - Xara X. Xanakas “Fuck. You are so fucking tight. You’re just sucking my cock in, squeezing the fuck out of it. Fuck!”

Did that catch your attention?

How about that awesome prompt?
Go on. I'll wait while you read the blurb.

Still waffling?

How about the prompt pic?


Oh...now you're interested?

Okay. This author takes the prompt and makes it a hot little number featuring spies vs. P.I.-badass. Sprinkle snark, cool ass code names (Hawk, Spider, GREMLIN?), a twisted enemy to lover twist, hot sex, rope play and rimming to make "Until Next Time".

I wish this was longer. The band of do-gooders seem like a fun bunch but it took me a little bit to get into them. There was no angry sex as requested BUT the sex that happens...*bites lip*

3.5 Stars but I'll round up because it's sexy fun