Making It Work

Making It Work - Cari Z. Another one from my awaited list! *squees* Silverfox FTW!


Wrong kind of silverfox?

My bad, here's the prompt pic to drool at:


This prompt was quite the great one and then it went into supernova by having a ginger MC paired with a silver fox. Like seriously, call it in, genitals will be taking a definite trip to FuckYesVille: population you.

I love a lot of tropes (hate quite a bit too) but I love a good office romance story especially a great boss/secretary romance. And this story delivers the goods.

Eric, executive assistant to lawyer silverfox Beau, has lusted for his boss for two years, knows the ins and out of the older man but never thought he'd be good enough because:

a) he's just an executive assistant
b) feels he's way out of Beau's league in all categories

But life throws a curve ball with an upcoming family dinner which has thrown Eric for a loop. Let the scrambling commence.

Great dialogue, realistic character portrayal, delicious slow burn and a satisfying ending without touching diabetic territory. Light, fun with a sense of realness.

“No, you don’t get to touch yourself in my car.”

“Why not?” It wasn’t a whine, it wasn’t. My voice was too deep to whine. It was more of a… whoan. Or something. I couldn’t think.

“Three reasons. One, I don’t want to get into an accident trying to keep my eyes on you. Two, if I got into an accident, or if we were pulled over for indecent exposure, the mood killing would be the least of our problems. Three,” and here it was, the tone I loved, that I could barely wait for even though I knew I wasn’t going to like what he had to say, “for the rest of the night, that’s mine. Don’t touch it.”

Oh and desk sex.

Desk sex.

I have a feeling I'll be rereading this story soon.

Thanks to the author (my first Cari Z. - what rock have I lived under? Won't be my last), the prompter and the team behind this story.