Blood In The Water

Blood In The Water - Tami Veldura Confession: I have a obsession affliction.


It's a thing.

I waited a checked everyday to when this was going to be released. And when it finally was...I quelted hard. Look at it, mateys! I love this cover. Yawr har har!



Blood in the Water did not disappoint. This stayed true to pirating, no lily-livered land lubbers found in this crew. Pirate bad asses! Lying, double crossing, fighting, stealing, killing anyone that gets in their way!

Blood, grit, demons and spirits...this author weaved quite the tale. The amount of research and story-telling is recognized in every inch of this story. Enemies? Lovers? Hmm...Kyros and Eric, pirate captains of their own ships have been dancing around each other from sometime. When we meet the two in this story, they are finally doing something about the sexual tension.

Nothing better than two hot pirates together, in my book.


But Eric has a secret of the paranormal kind and it's breaking him down slowly. Kyros is always a step behind trying to solve the puzzle. Eric finally lets Kyros in but it has major consequences.

Without giving away any of this juicy plot, the two pirates join forces on a wild adventure that stays true to pirate form. They island hop in the Caribbean searching for clues and answers and have some steamy moments in between.

The story is suspenseful, action packed and gritty. Baby likes a lot. :D It does not hold back nor pulls the punches. Each scene was descriptive, so much so that I could see all the characters and settings vividly in my mind. Historical mixed with fantasy! It ends with a cliffhanger but there's promise of more. and for less than 100 pages, it read like it was longer. I like when that happens.

A treasure this story. I found some pirate treasure. Arrrgh!

My rating? 4.5 stars.

I am holding the last .5 stars hostage in true pirate form. It will not be released until I read the next bit of this series and I hope it will be expanded to fully explain some bits because this pirate has questions, luv. (WTF? Araceli? Ghalil? A HEA? I need to KNOW!)

Many thanks to the author and the team behind this story and event. *waves pirate sword in glee*