Gravitational Pull

Gravitational Pull - Jill Prand This story is most certainly not for everyone...but it works for me!

I enjoy reading infidelity in romance, especially if the cheaters end up being together. *shrugs*

This story is a sticky situation.

In my opinion, cheating is when one or both parties in a committed relationship have a sexual (emotional too) relationship (could be one time or more) without their partner's knowledge.

An open relationship is when the both parties in a relationship have agreed upon having sex with other people and remain in their relationship.

So the setup for this story: Dustin is bisexual, has a girlfriend of two years, has "bisexual urges" - he takes care of by having sex with other men (with his girlfriend Amy's consent and sometimes participation) and has lusted for his gay best friend, Eric, for years.

Eric is a one-man man. He set his coworker Amy up with Dustin...but he lusts for Dustin as well. Now that sticky part comes into play.

Both men finally succumb to their lusts. But it's considered infidelity? It's a story tag, I'm not spoiling. To me Dustin didn't cheat but both he and Eric felt they did.

My rating is swimming in the 3-4 stars mark. The writing is decent, parts felt rushed, it kept to the prompt(mostly). But the ending felt too neat for me. And then Amy...the victim? Eh, I don't understand why acted the way she did. I'm guessing it's because she works with Eric and has to see him during the work week. Was Eric not included in the open relationship agreement? Dustin could fuck any other guy but Eric? I do think the way Eric tried to hide Dustin after their first night together made them look guilty. He could have just been upfront. *shrugs*

So sticky situation. A relationship gets burned and a new one forms from the ashes. For the rushing, the odd phrase here and there: "trembling like a Chihuahua" during a sexy times scene ruined the moment for me as did thinking of "Like a Virgin" and MANTEARS, I'll rate lower.

Thanks to the author and the team behind it.