Handsome Hard and Delicious

Handsome Hard and Delicious - James   Cox A Hearts On Fire Review

3.75 HEARTS-- "Handsome, Hard and Delicious" book #2 in James Cox's Handome Hero Wanted series stars the frenemies turned lovers, Layden-wolf/human alien and Lavender-feline alien. These two were breakout stars from the fun story that is "Handsome Hero Wanted".

Layden and Lavender are back together to star in an space erotic filled adventure with hard cocks and funny banter. Both men are on the run but that does not stop them from finding time to bone. Hell there's even a foursome scene with two other breakout stars from book #1.

Hint: a certain alien with double penises. That's right, dos penii. ;P

"I'm going to save you for three reasons: you're handsome, always hard, and fucking delicious.

Do you need to read book #1 first? Technically, no BUT I'd suggest for you to check it out. Both books are hilarious, erotic fun.

I would also suggest to get some hand exercises in because Cox definitely kept these two humping from one corner of space to the next. They are forever hard and needing. This is prime stroke fics, boys and girls.

"How could he have ever wanted you? You smell, you look like a hairy Walla Beast, and you're as dumb as a human."

"Yeah, well, my dick could fuck your brains right out of your head."

But wait! It's not PWP there's a plot and the ending is HEA with a minor cliffhanger. Layden and Lavender kept secrets from each other but it comes out to light...sadly it also leads to a mad chase from angry aliens, crazy escapes and near boner deflating madcap adventures.(Thankfully nothing keeps a good dog down)

Layden and Lavender definitely have grown as characters when comparing both books. Layden is so sweet and possessive and horny. And Lavender is sly as ever and equally as horny. I definitely believe their love for own another.

"This Flower would always be mine to pollinate with my seed.

I think the writing got a little more tighter than the first book, good plot, definitely way more smuttier and has interesting world building. The ending hints for more. And "big balls on a cock", I plan to be there!

So stretch your fingers, put on some mood music and be ready for a story that does not take itself too seriously but delivers in smutty fun.

A copy provided for an honest review.