Hello, Heartbreaker

Hello, Heartbreaker - ofalexandra There's fucking and knotting...do you need more enticement? Oh you do?

Well good.

Because dude...this was everything! Like the tropes are some of my favorites in play: strong, silent brooding type that you just can't get a read on, the low self esteemed mate and alpha/omega dynamics.

(Amnesia is thrown in but quickly throw out so I'm not complaining)

I love Sterek; both boys almost equally. So it will pain me to say this but I must in the case of this story. FUCK YOU DEREK! MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT! AND YOUR MEDDLING BITCH OF A SISTER! NOSY ASS BITCH!

Three Years.

You wasted three fucking years when you could have been planting that knot where it belongs, Stiles' omega ass.

Jaysus, did I eat this shit up. Guh. Stiles has been in a sex only relationship with Derek, Alpha senior partner at Hale & Associates. They work for the same company but were on 2 different ends of the totem pole...so factor in amnesia, angst and pining.



It ends with this:


So I'm happy. I got my Sterek-y HEA.

I have put away the spoon I planned on castrating Derek's balls with. I'm proud. :)