Designated Bottoms

Designated Bottoms - Shannon West, B.A. Tortuga, Katey Hawthorne, Julia Talbot, Sean Michael, Kiernan Kelly, K.C. Wells image

Seems fitting.

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My overall average: 3.32142857143 stars

Czech me Out by BA Tortuga - I like BA Tortuga. She can rock a sex scene. This 2.75 stars for me. Why? The sex saved the story. Was is it spectacular? Nah, all the "honey" and "baby" endearments threw me out of enjoying. Also...a virgin gives his butt cherry to basically the first guy he meets, a food truck guy? It wasn't PWP really, definitely insta-dick. Maybe if it was a novella, I'd buy the fantasy. Not bad though. Made me hungry.

The Mistell by Katey Hawthorne - Any story that hits you with a "boi-pussy" mention (of it's ridiculousness and offense) is always worth a gander. I was pleasantly surprised with the crisp writing about a art history TS/grand student gamer, Pete who is a bottom who loves sex...and is a hot boy at that. So he undervalues himself just a smidge yet doesn't self-depreciate to the point of annoyance. He meets a fellow gamer in real life, the mega fuckhot Egyptian American, Samir.

"I've never been with someone--like you."
"No." He gave me a dirty look that faded into a grin instantly. "Just. Popular."

How cute is that quote? The story is not explicit. The MC's don't even have anal. That's how slow they're taking it...but it's a good slow, you know? No insta-dick here. This story has substance. A believable ending and believable characters. A gem in this anthology. 4.25 stars!

Faster Bobcat by Julia Talbot - Russian Stripper. Cat Shifters -Lynx & Jaguar to be exact. Interracial instalove...mate/bonding. Pretty much a recipe with my name on it. And light D/s. Oh yes. Aleksy is a submissive Lynx stripper who has a secret desire to be dominated and Rafe, a patron of the Las Vegas strip club, Faster Bobcat. The story is good. I'd have preferred Aleksy to not be naive at points. I tend to question a submissive if they seem too unsure of making simple questions...can they actually handle D/s? The crux of the story is in the importance of Sir/Master. I think a little more length giving more explanation on the words importance to the two. Overall, it was decent. 3.5 stars

Little Square of Cloth by Sean Michael - "Oh fuck a doodle doo." Typical Sean Michael quotes...absurdity at it's Sean Michael-est. Guh.

At this point, I let the quotes do the reviewing for me.

""I...I'm obviously out of my league, like whoa." Like super whoa, if he was honest."

There's a Dom who can look at a guy and tell he's a bottom. A MC who has a gay twin that's a drag queen. I'm waiting for the pink aliens to make a drop by because it's Sean Michael warped world. I have abstained from this author for months...and it didn't work with unseeing his standard formula. 2 stars because of "fuck a doodle doo". I need my brain checked. Oh I also gave up on reading this fully. *facepalms*

Sgt. Hardass, by Shannon West - This wasn't bad. It's reunited lovers with some butt virgin! action thrown in. It gets dramatic at bits and I know I rolled my eyes for at least one moment. But hot sex perseveres against the foolio bits. Jake is a staff Sargent who fell for a Specialist who ends up breaking his heart, not even face to face but an email. (Dick move) A few years past, love wins, butt cherry...also wins. 3.25 stars

Prince of Paupers by Kiernan Kelly - This was a cute one. Sort of like a modern day fairy tale with a cute cast of characters. I felt it should have been longer but I got caught up in the fun of the story. A spoiled prince Liam of a imaginary kingdom is used to getting everything he wants. The one thing he's never had is his American best friend, Deacon. Deacon is everything the prince is not...poor, hill folk from Chickapen Holler, Kentucky. The friends go to Kentucky to help with Deacon's ailing mother, bushel of kids and farm of animals...things Liam has never had to deal with. A little suspense is thrown in but it's resolved very quickly (I think if this story was longer, maybe novella length, it'd have been a fun home run) You get a friends to lovers theme and smut. Oh and some funny one liners. Loved the "holy boner" bit. 3.75 stars

Switching It Up by KC Wells -Let's cut the bullshit and get to meat of this story.

Big. Guy. Bottoming. *groans*

And he fucking loves being plowed by his smaller top. There's mention of a leather gay bar named G-A-Y because you know this story is subtle like a motherfucker. *smh* Jay has a birthday, he's a small top and finds his instadick match in Dean. Fingering, fucking and butt plugging. And some dirty talk. *bites lip* Yes. 3.75 stars

A decent anthology with a few hits and misses. I only DNF'd one: *coughs*Sean Michael*coughs* and the others were not bad. All contemporary, with one paranormal. And they are available for purchase separately so if anthologies aren't your thing, SCORE.

Bottoms got stuffed with man meat...I'm a happy camper. ;)