Half Past Forever

Half Past Forever - A.  Morell You had me at stripper.


But grasped my devotion with incubus...I LOVE DEMON MCs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't let the stripper or the incubus MC distract you into thinking this is an epic PWP. There's quite a plot involved and mighty fine writing too.
“Do you just bring weirdness and oddity wherever you go?”

Levin smiled. “I like to think I attract it. You’re still here, after all.”

Half-incubus, Levin has lived for many centuries, dreaming about his mate every full moon but never knowing anything about him. A prophecy was foretold that once he met his mate, his demise was be near. The author deals with fulfilling the prophecy quite romantically. Gah I love mates!
“It’s taken me a long time to find you.”

The kindness left Callum rubbing at the goosebumps on his arms. “I wasn’t lost,” he said tersely.

“To me you were.”

*girly squee gasp*I eat lines like that for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Levin finds his mate in human ex-social worker, now stripper, Callum. Callum has had a few bad hands dealt to him but he struggles to keep afloat. And he can't seem to keep his eyes off the sexy, tall, blonde haired customer that demands his presence without having to say a word.

Add in the smexy stalking-the-one-you-love twist with the fated bond aspect in contemporary day London and sprinkle in a few sex scenes and you have this delicious story. I think it was longer, this story would have easily been 5 stars. The length gives you just enough about each main character but I thought the hesitancy Callum had initially, disappeared way too quickly.

The story is seriously good.
“I guess it’s true that just how we can’t choose our families, we can’t choose who we give our hearts to. I’ve just never managed to give it to someone who truly wanted it before. At least I know it’s somewhere safe.”

*fluffy sigh* I could have read more about these two. Really enjoyed it. 4-4.25 stars


Thanks to the author and team for the story!