The Raven's Luck

The Raven's Luck - Laylah Hunter Urban fantasy? Assassins? 2 Alphas? RIVALS TO LOVERS?!ELVES?!!


Oh yes! Yes! Yes! I hit the jackpot right ch'ere!


“Here I thought you’d have liked the view out there. No romance in your blood, Saramathlar?”
Sam rolls his eyes. “Sounds like you have more than enough for both of us. I could cut you open to get it out, if you’d like.”
The noise Rio makes into the headset sounds like a gargoyle purring. “Save it for after the job.”
Fuck. “I’m not going to pretend I’ve never done a job with a hard-on, but it’s not how I prefer to work. So save that for after the job, too.”

I got to read all about that and knives. I love when assassins use knives and swords. *growls* Way hotter than bulky guns. *nods* And this pair of rival assassins hits all of my buttons.

Sam and Rio are paranormal assassins set in a cyberpunk/fantasy work. They vie for the same kills. They snark and compete each other into some great lines and action.

Oh, snark was grand:
“I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know my virtue is intact.”
“Sorry, your what?”

The nipple piercing...The tattoos (and its placement)...the sex...yes! Rough pounding fit for two warrior assassins! I like it when they do it the way they did. *preens*

Why this book isn't as popular is anyone's guess. Maybe it's because you really don't get a description of the main characters (a pet peeve of mine). Or maybe because we only get just enough to keep the story interesting when the characters definitely are novel worthy. This story has legs for more. A helluva lot more.

But what you get, it's pretty hot and tempting.

Here's the thing. I want more from this world. I want to read about the intricacies and the different paranormal races. I want it all, greedy reader I am.