The Bucket List

The Bucket List - Douglas  Black A Hearts On Fire Review

4.25 HEARTS--I think socially awkward or self doubting heroes are my new fave.

You know the types, the one who needs more time to get out of their shell. Some might say why bother but the end results for having to work for it can be very satisfying. It is for me, anyway.

A simple enough opposites attract story that became a little deeper as it progressed set in Scotland, "The Bucket List" is a story about accountant Kade Doherty. Kade has been dumped by his lover of nearly eight years and business partner (Niall, I spit on his name) quite rudely. I will get back to that bastard soon. Kade is devastated, his mind-numbingly staid world has been knocked for six and a half. And he seeks comfort from his friends and you know what they do? Be a true friend and let him know (gently) he kinda is boring. They come up with a bucket list and send Douglas on his merry way.

On his first assignment, he meets hot Aussie, Blake. Oh Blake...I am enchanted with him. I love characters like him, the knight in the shining armor or Blake's case, a knight in shorts in the middle of frigging winter. Blake reminds Kade of who he used to be.

No insta-love either. What a treat. I'm not a hater of insta-love (I'll gripe about it but if written well, I won't even notice) but what I thoroughly enjoyed about the story was the lack of 'I love you'. Because you can't go from being in a relationship of being bossed around for YEARS until you don't recognize who the hell you are anymore and fall in love in a week. You will have hang ups and issues that good dick can't solve. (Blake's got a nice one though BTW)

And this is why I am enchanted.

Give me a decent enough main character with hang up and issues that don't magically vanish when the new guy steps in, bring me into his head while he still figures it out and throw a knight in there, and I'm sold.

Kade was a victim and didn't even know it. His methods are more like an ostrich with his head in the sand but it was him and I totally understood his character. And Blake? He's good stuff. I loved his personality, the way he understood Kade and never belittled him and was patient. And what he does for Kade in the end? MEGA SCORE!

Niall, Kade's crappy ass ex is the lowest form of scum. What is lower than scum? Whatever that is, he's that. His verbal abuse and poor attitude...*waves middle fingers* Controlling jerk. I can't stand people like him. He'll get his in the long run.

Enough about that speck of crap, let's go back to smexy couple, Kade and Blake. They had some memorable smutty scenes. Hint: there might be a tree blushing in the woods somewhere near a loch.

Great writing, enjoyable story and characters. I like how things ended, felt the length was sufficient and got a grasp of the characters. I don't need a follow up (wouldn't say no if there is) or an epilogue. It ends with a solid promise. Once again, I enjoy Douglas Black's work. I definitely will read more from him. I enjoy the way he shuffles his words. :)