Love in the Land of Blood and Bones

Love in the Land of Blood and Bones - James   Cox "For the love of cock!"

Keep that important quote in mind when reading anything from this author. Every James Cox book always has the organ heavily on the forefront. [b:Love in the Land of Blood and Bones|21938156|Love in the Land of Blood and Bones|James Cox||41242219] (not a 'H' word to be found in the title!)

In book #2, Lorn and Kallen are exiled and have to survive in wastrel territory. And they nearly lose their lives but never an erection. They could be staring death in the face or grieving but pumping their stiff tools into a warm hole will always take precedence.

I like being able to explore the world more in this book. I was curious of how life was beyond the wall. There was a yummy redhead named Rohan thrown into the mix for a hot (one time) menage.

Kallen and Loen also fight and gets the villain from book #1 (I suggest you read this series in order). And literally go from heroes to zeroes to heroes in this story.

And their dicks get to cum a lot!! That's the most important! Still light, not to be taken seriously futuristic smut. 3.75 stars