His, No Matter What

His, No Matter What - S.J. Lenox BROCEST!


(This is my brocest smile)

I love brocest, better than twincest especially with a decent age gap. (5 years, don't freak)


*owns the pervosity*

Other than my prompt, this was the one I wanted to read the most. And it was goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. Some parts dragged but overall, le yum. I bought the desperation and lust between Adam and Patrick.

Nine years worth of longing and that was a smutty ending. And we get a HEA too? Well for brothers. I really liked it. There was a plot, we got the forbidden feelings.

And the sex. It was pretty hot, taboo smut that didn't overtake the entire story but the 30-35% of smut was nice. *grunts*

Thanks to the author and the team behind this story. 4.25 stars