Under Arrest Two

Under Arrest Two - Dallas Sketchman "Gee officer isn't there some way I can avoid this fine?"


It's been awhile, Mr. Sketchman.

Let's see you have a horny trucker and an 11 inch dick cop...
Let me put on my thinking cap to figure how Sketchman would have his friend (true story allegedly) get out of this.

"Well I can think of a couple of things that you could do to avoid this citation."
"Let me guess. Would it involve the packing blankets, your cock and my asshole?"

Miraculous KY Jelly is produced and power fucking commences! Offensive epithets and dirty talk are flung about in the first story. Then an ass gets bred by "Daddy" which concludes the end of the highly believable story. *side eyes*

But wait...THERE'S MORE.

Cops are using their badges to fuck perps and grease their night sticks to shove into hot, waiting "pussy bitch cunts"! Cocks ramming guts! Power drilling asses left and right.

It's a Sketchman afternoon delight!

Cops taking advantage of willing "cunts", willing to be greased and eaten and bred. Fuckholes that get pounded by thick man meat and batons...there's prime fucking going down.

This is stroke fic. Good stroke fic? Eh...the stories are too short to get any major wrist action. One thing I must say about this author, he gets straight to the point. None of that feelings BS, ass meet cock(s), then BAM! he(they) is/are in there.

Thankfully this is free. I'd be more upset if I paid for it but I didn't so, it's all good.

*sighs* Dallas Sketchman. It's like getting candy that will rot your teeth and brain but you eat it anyway.

He amuses me.


I've read better from him, though.