Fighting Dirty Too

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4.5 Stars--Mud wrestling, unrequited crushing that gets requited, shower sex and one fine ass cover

When I learned this author was going to write a completely different version of her LL event prompt - [b:Fighting Dirty|21955382|Fighting Dirty|Olley White||41262676] on top of the one she chose to submit...I thought she was creamy crackered. (I just wanted to use that phrase.)

This is her original idea, a contemporary setting featuring frenemies, Ethan and Fitz, who haven't seen each other since teens, meet again for a week long team building retreat in the English country. Oh what joy. I'm with Ethan on this one, team building exercises suck. I'm the one on the sidelines, cracking jokes, making fun of everything and bitching about going home.

But I am proud of Ethan for seeing it through. And it was worth his while because he got to learn about adult Fitz. And while teen Fitz seemed dreamy, adult Fitz takes the cake. Fitz is...he can get in my pocket. Hint: He stayed the entire time.

During the week, Fitz and Ethan grow closer learn each other's most private secret and had fun on top of that. And a little like that lots.

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I like the has a HFN feel and I wouldn't frown upon more of these two. When I finished reading, I had a definite smile on my face. I can't choose on which set of Ethan and Fitz I loved more.

You don't need to read [b:Fighting Dirty|21955382|Fighting Dirty|Olley White||41262676] in order to read this book, they are separate stories that share some elements but are different stories. I got to read about a couple in a fantasy setting and contemporary, Olley if you ever want to make a Daddy kink version of these two, you know where to find me.


Cheeky cheek, aren't I?

Great freebie.