Unwrapping Hank

Unwrapping Hank - Eli Easton Before reading: Look at me. Willingly adding a Christmas jizz story to my TBR.

I've seen the Easton light, it's filled with peppermint sticks.

Whoa. *smh*


After reading: image

Why thou shalt not sleep on Eli Easton's Santa Jizz: A Reflection by SRAL

It's a well known fact, Santa Jizz/Christmas Jizz/Fucking Holiday Sugar stories, they are not my deal. I'll own and will admit it. While others find Christmas joy in reading about that winter romance hullabaloo...I just can't. I'll own my Grinch-iness.

I don't mind others reading it but I have to sift though the metric tons of gingerbread-sticky gooeyness to find tolerable reads. Too much peppermint fluff and...*smh* I can't gorge on them or it'll make me crabby. Again, my deal, not yours. I'm not out there pushing down carolers or giving mall Santa Clauses the bird when I'm in public or anything. In fact, if you came to me in a Santa Jizz sweater, extolling the joy of St. Nick, I'd listen. (Or pretend to - my pretend face is fucking flawless after many years)

So last year, a bit of the Jizzmas spirit came in my throat in the form of Blame It On the Mistletoe. I swallowed that load and did not spit at any point in time.


So cut to this year, me being in a smidge of a book slump...after a bunch of mediocre reads, I need my next book to be a slam dunk. So after a few false starts, I remembered "Unwrapping Hank". So my frown got turned upside down without me even realizing.


Dudes and Dudettes, I'm reading and I'm breezing thorugh this story...my cheeks hurt...from grinning like a loon at these characters. Hank and his macho closet, Micah and sexiness (like without him having to try, I'm intrigued by him) and of course, Sloane. Oh Sloane, you're adorable without being sticky sweet, thoughtful while still not coming across older than your age. He's a great main character. Damn so is Hank.

*happy sigh*

See, Sloane is the only child of two psychologists, who has lived abroad for some years and he wants some stable in his life...even if his parents still like to live in the new and exciting. So he joins a frat...and meets the Springfield brothers, Micah and Hank. Micah is a hipster without buying into the hype (I loathe hipsters who try too hard) and Hank...from the name Hank (which is such a straight boy name - I love it) you can tell Hank is trying to be an anti-Micah. He's a muscle head (but he's actually brilliant), he tries to be everything he thought of as heterosexual to hide his true self.

Gah, the pacing of the story fits these two so well. I could go either way with a "gay for you/ out for you", the best way for it to work is to give the questioning MC time to realize their true feelings themselves, let their reactions be natural instead of forced. And this story does that AND more.


No PWP, no rushed erotica to be found in here. The author included her favorite things in here and created an endearing Christmas novella without SHOVING AN UNBELIEVABLE SANTA SEMEN COATED PEPPERMINT STICK DOWN THE GULLET. (Because those things are impossibly enormous to try to deep throat)

*clears throat*

I was so disappointed at the end. Not because it finished off weakly or things were unresolved. I was disappointed at seeing: The End. I would have continued reading about this pair for days! They're funny, real and sexy. They are touching and relatable.

And another reason why it rocks? BIG GUY BOTTOMING!!! SCORE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you don't like heavy Jizzmas sugar or want to read a well written new adult novella with an "out for you" theme, don't miss this.