Darling It Is No Joke

Darling It Is No Joke - thehoyden Did somebody say AU Sterek?


That shit is hot.

Know what else is hot? Pining Derek with wolf tendencies that is a little angsty and wearing a cop uniform.

(See the guy behind him? He's going to need vapors from the fire Derek is slinging)

Because Derek is the new deputy in town. And he turns up his hotness factor without even knowing it.

And this Stiles? I love this snarcastic Stiles who is a little clueless but when faced with an emergency or a growly werewolf sucking on his neck, he gets with the program with minimal fuss...well for him.

I love that they had a background of being sorta enemies from childhood, reunited (because it does feel so good) and sexual tension...I love that shit. It never gets old for me, you know the 'you dig me but I didn't know, oh is that a club in your pocket or is that a stiff erection of pining'.

So it's 4.5 stars - loved the writing style, loved the characters. The suspense part could use some work but overall, I was one satisfied customer.