What Fresh Heat is This?

What Fresh Heat is This? - Aggy Bird, aggybird Woe be to the story that follows my dark twisty pirates. It's hard shoes to fill or even compete against.

I'm in pirate withdrawal, takes a while for me to get back in the game.

However this bon bon of smut, did just the trick.

First off, bloody witches! Witches...never trust them, matey. (whoops how'd that slip in?)

Secondly, Derek is in heat. And there's dub con, a smidge of underage action, possessiveness, hot bruising fucks and a mention (not actual) of KNOTTING.

Smutty Sterek is the best, lovey! This how I enjoy shifter fucking: PRIMAL!

Hot PWP, solid writing and a happy camper.

Gonna continue pirate pining but the pangs aren't as big now that I read this.