Seriously, it's like you're photoshopped.

Seriously, it's like you're photoshopped. - nevermetawolf
"I might be dating Derek?

Allison replies almost immediately.

Five o'clock from the bar? Nice. Proud of you. xoxo How was he? (;

He has a lime green Shake Weight.

Is that supposed to be a euphemism?



image of my all time fave movies: Crazy. Stupid. Love. got Sterek'd.

You know I'm all over that shit. I put seriously fucked up pirates to the side for this. But I needed some fluffy before I get back to twisty.

So this author took some awesome scenes and quotes for an awesome movie and made Stiles - Emma Stone's character and Derek - Ryan Gosling's character.


Oh I squeed and grinned and squealed all over this read. It was stupidly disgusting my gush-ation!


I'd quote the fuck out this one but I won't (*coughs*see my updates*coughs*) because if you haven't watched this movie, you totally should. Unless ridiculously witty rom-com movies aren't your thing. Then I've got nothing for you.

Why not 5 stars? Because it might've played too true to the movie at bits...if Derek is all about Stiles and dating him, why not just make Derek gay? Instead of talking about all the girls he banged? In the movie Ryan is a womanizer, so if you make Derek gaga about Stiles...was this gfy? Big moment missed. *shrugs*

But I still enjoyed the fuck outta this.



Now if someone Sterek's "Love, Actually" let me know okay because I'll lose my shit.