Flogged into Soggy Mansex by the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Flogged into Soggy Mansex by the Flying Spaghetti Monster - Brad Vance "He was warm, so warm and fresh. His noodly appendages embraced me in return, and I couldn’t help but notice how firm they were, just…al dente.

I felt the strangest thing then. A stirring of desire. His meatballs were so firm and juicy, like, you know. Well, shit, any pair of body parts that turn you on, all in one. I could feel the firm, incredibly large bucatini between His…legs for a lack of a better word. I started getting an erection."

Campbell, our horny protagonist (also shares his name with the popular soup brand, coincidence??), got an erection for this:


The Spaghetti Flying Monster.

And the Pasta Monster Deity...performs anal on a human man.

This author takes gay erotica and pasta to merge them into one weird as fuck PWP with Santa jism sprinkled on top.


For reals.

If you ever looked at a plate of spaghetti and meatballs and thought...hmm I wonder how it'd be if I fucked that, you get your wish in this story.


A main issue I have with a lot of PWP: when you try to tie in smarts into a PWP.

It's PORN WITHOUT PLOT. Very rarely can political arguments or views on religion work when the reader wants to fucking stroke one out.

Do you really think someone wants to have their cock out and wonder about the Texas school system?

You can make all the valid points you want.

But a guy got gay sexed in the butt by pasta. He got spaghetti sauced jizzed by spaghetti noodles.

That trumps EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't get that out the brain. It stays. Horny, anal loving noodles beats any political argument you want to make.

This is 2.5 stars but I had a couple of chuckles out of it.

Oh and the pasta sex.


A board filled with smutty possibilities or dinner?