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I don't even know if I'll read this. I mean 700+ this point you'd have to pay me to read a book that long.

But it's based on the Crossfire series.


Gideon Cross is like one the BEST motherfucking heroes written. I'd sit on his face, I'd suck his--let me quit while I'm ahead.

Sterek, I'm talking about Sterek.
Sterek based on the Crossfire series. This is actually a thing.

Holy shit.

I actually read all 101 chapters. I read all 363,607 words. And my crazy ass went BACK to reread the good parts today.


Let conductor SRAL get you comfortable. Have a seat, let me paint you a picture.

I'll let my trusty, yet muscled and hung assistant sit this one out. His shorts are too short and I don't want him to get chilled.

First off this isn't Sterek fan fiction. This is Crossfire fanfiction with Teen Wolf characters. This long fic is the first three novels, rehashed with boys who like the could have been anyone really as long as penises and anuses were involved.

You may go, Crossfire? Um...what's that?

Why one of the greatest fucking series ever created, is what. You see in my top ten, hell, top five heroes I think ever written of all time, Gideon Cross, the hero of the Crossfire series written by Slyvia Day ([b:Bared to You|13572249|Bared to You (Crossfire, #1)|Sylvia Day||18973111]) is in there. Gideon is cement shoes in there. I love him. Thank goodness, he's a literary character. He's so in there for me, that I could give a flying fuck if you or the entire world hated him. *shrugs* More for me.

You can argue it's all the kind of -isms or misogynistic or whatever other intellectual argument you have in your pocket, in regards to this series, this character...I don't fucking care. He's an orgasm personified, he's my erotica superhero. Fucks like a champ, uses that tongue oh so eloquently out the bedroom and when he's in the bedroom? *pauses*

He's a sexual beast.

And I dig him.


I'm obsessed with this series, I won't go past book #1 until the series is completed. I want to revel in Gideon with no waiting period.

But this fic kind of ruined it but that's alright.

Did I mention Crossfire is a het series?

So when I read "Manhattan Alpha" was based on Crossfire, I peeked while on a break from a review book. And I pushed that book to the side and gobbled up 150K in a day.

And this fic wasn't life altering in any means. It's just Gideon. And Eva. I loved reading a gay version of their cray - cray. In case you know about my level of cray-cray in romances (because I enjoy that shit), Gideon/Eva are level 7's, the highest there fucking is.

For this fic, Gideon = Derek and Eva = Stiles. And there were paranormal aspects because Derek is still a werewolf Alpha who KNOTS dat ass *growls*, it still was like reading a Crosfire fic, all the pivotal scenes from the books are there. Gerek or Dideon (at this point there's no need to call him Derek because he just wasn't) is a pushy billionaire who falls for the chick Eva I mean Stiles.

Actually I called Stiles character, StilEva because Stiles was basically Eva with a nice package aka cock.

And I normally frown upon that BUT I love Gideon and Eva now reborn as Dideon and StilEva.

And these two crazy kids put the cray in crazy and I love it.

The stalking, the fights, the jealousy, the angst, the fucking, good lord can they fuck. I am surprised StilEva wasn't permanently bowlegged and wearing a diaper because Dideon wore that "needy little hole" the fuck out. They were semen wizards in there and I still didn't care because...Gideon. Whoops Dideon


He just begs for someone to mount him, no?

The story was long but I wouldn't necessarily say parts could have been condensed since it is basically 3 novels into one mega fic. Yes, sometimes I forgot StilEva was a guy, I mean if I had to read about StilEva's channel and bundle of nerves getting can see how I could mistake it for a vagina. The author did remember to write a fairly decent man sex scene.

The first third was the best, the second third was good the last third, I think someone got a little lazy. A lot of repetition toward the last third. The typos were scattered throughout the entire story but I don't gripe about typos especially in fanfic. It's not published so I won't get picky. It's written out of love for a character or set of characters that moved someone or compelled someone to put their passion into words, create worlds for others to enjoy.

And someone took two things I enjoyed and created "Manhattan Alpha". Someone actually pored through three het books and slashed it.

So though the first third is more like a 4-4.5, the second is a 3 and the last is a 2.5. But overall, I'll rate 3.5 stars. It doesn't end with a cliffhanger (after all those pages, could you imagine?) There is a definite HEA!

Would every Sterek fan enjoy this? Nope. It's essentially a gay version of the Crossfire series, if you love the quirkiness of Stiles, it's not as upfront.



If I squint my eyes and tilt my head...maybe? He wasn't really Derek. He was Gerek! Dark and twisty Dideon with a rampant, ever ready hard cock that can cum buckets!

If you're contemplating reading this, I'd say try [b:Bared to You|13572249|Bared to You (Crossfire, #1)|Sylvia Day||18973111] first. This way if you hate that book, don't waste your time. And everyone should at least experience Cross at least once in their life.

So conductor SRAL and her assistant have things to do, places to see, other crazy trains to explore!


P.S. IF ANYONE EVER COMES ACROSS A SLASH VERSION OF [b:Beautiful Disaster|11505797|Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)|Jamie McGuire||16441531], please let me know. This author is slashing 50 Shades but I don't think I can tolerate reading about Stiles and his inner goddess.

But a Derek version of Travis and Stiles version of Abby? Fuck yes!